Lately I am loving _ Friday

Chanel eyeliner. Yes it’s spendy. But it you consider how much eyeliner those of us who use it daily waste trying to get the perfect balance between definition and and smudge (and makeup remover, powder and concealer trying to fix it), Chanel is worth it. I use black on the top lid and corners and khaki on the bottoms. Polished, pretty, perfection. (Much better than the Bare Essentials navy crayon that I am NOT loving right now).

Hot lemon water. I’ve been drinking a lot of it this week and am amazed how much hot lemon water actually wakes me up. It’s great on my throat and wonderful for my stomach to keep a proper acid balance. I may trade in my first cup of coffee for lemon water.

Gel manicures. When I entered the middle phase of my career, I began to become very nail conscious. Strong nails represented confidence. So I began shelling out for acrylics twice a month, wanting that hard nail (my nails are terrible). But getting in for a fill every two weeks is a challenge with my job and yoga schedule. I finally let my manicurist convince me to ditch the acrylics and do short gels. Rocking baby pink this week and I love it!

Half lotus. Oh my lord of the rings. I am working my hips off trying to open them up. Slowly but surely I am getting there. Left side first, the right. My home practices three days a week start with my little Ashtanga practice, but finish with a second round of standing hip openers and then seated hip openers. The pose really requires activation of hips, hamstrings, and ankles (and attention to the knees), but I am loving the challenge.

What are you loving?



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