Lately I am NOT loving – Thursday

This flu that has morphed into a chest cold. I cannot stop coughing. This needs to stop. Immediately.

Old Navy. I broke up with ON a few years ago for everything but activewear and I will probably still get some yoga tops online, bit right now, not loving them. Tried to get a few pairs of leggings to stop me from buying the inevitable Nordstrom Lysse leggings and crop leggings I want for yoga and errands, but the stores now carry NO plus sized clothes. Not a limited selection, but nothing. Boo. Old Navy.

Nude lips. Or should I say Kim Kardashian nude lips. I’m so pale it washes me out and looks horrible. I can appreciate a pale Bardot lip, but nude is for concealer.

Mostly I’m loving it. Just need to sleep through the night and not cough my lungs up!


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