Lately I am Loving -Saturday

This flu –> cold –> chest cough has me all mixed up and out of dates! But I want to be sure and finish my week of love with a few more favorites, pictures to follow! Lately I am LOVING!

Crocheted cup sleeves. I try to live as green as possible, which has gotten much harder since I gave up my little recycled living e-business and gone back to law, and then much more so as I’ve entered the beginning of the middle off my life as a litigator. But even when I grab a cup of chai to go, I love my adorable, pink crocheted cup sleeve. Saves some trees, gives my morning a quirky look.

Chess. I played competitive chess in high school and my first year of college and was recently inspired to begin again when I read The Kings of New York, a book about the nations’ best high school chess team at Edward R. Murrow High in Brooklyn. I found a chess app that allows me to play against different USCF ratings and am pretty sure I’ve found a weekly adults tournament. So I’m practicing my openings and working on my middle game and HOPEFULLY hitting a tournament next weekend. More on that!

Jadeite. I’ve always loved this man-made retro glass from the 40s and 50s, but I love it the most in my office. The light green is great against my cherry desk and its always a pleasure to look for the real deal at antique malls or receive them as presents. Jadeite is spendy, so if you find it super cheap, it’s probably a repro – unless you catch it at a garage or estate sale!

L’occitane hand lotion. I first fell in love with L’occitane in my 20s when my Nana gave me the verbena salt scrub (which I can rarely convince myself is worth the splurg, even though its oh so wonderful), but got into the lotion by accident. I usually buy B a bar of their lavender soap when I’m near the store, because she loves a good soap. For some reason, I thought she might like the lotion. Wrong. Totally ambivalent. I, on the other hand, am hooked. Which is weird because I am not a lotion person. I only remember to use body lotion if I keep it in the shower, I only use foot lotion in pedicures, but for some reason, I use L’occitane lotion 1-2 times a day. I love the one ounce size, perfect for my desk, love the lavender smell, love the feel, and love how long it lasts. Given my obsession with my nails, this makes some sense. But still. Pass the lotion.

Trikonasana. I do this pose every day, sometimes twice, on each side, as party of the Ashtanga standing poses. It might be my favorite non-fancy yoga pose. For me, as my friend Jax says, it’s a good barometer of where I am – are my hips opened? Are my thighs balanced? Are my hamstrings tight? Are my bandhas engaged? Can I twist freely? And when I can, I find so much extension and balance I feel the stillness in me and steal a few more breaths.

What are you loving? Yoga and fashion coming up this week with a look and a pose of the day.


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