Kristen Stewart’s Hair



Our plan for tomorrow is a celebration of a freedom from obligations. So what will two late thirty-somethings and their cats be doing? Having a Twilight marathon, and eating small amounts of unhealthy barbecue. Menu is planned, tv is ready, spa treatments selected (I like to find every opportunity for a spa day/slumber party in life). Why are we doing this? I’m not entirely sure why I am obsessed with this idea, except I am. I’ve seen each movie once, read each book once, and I think they are good, fun stories. I don’t have children so I’m not particularly concerned with their message. And the song A Thousand Years and all of the gothic, star-crossed lovers is delish. But here is what concerns me.

Kristen Stewart’s hair.

Until recently or very specific fashion shoots, she usually looks like she rolled out of bed, hit it with some 99 cent mousse and flipped it over her shoulder. Add that to her less than inviting personality when it comes to press events and Houston, we have a problem for Hollywood’s highest grossing actress. I personally think she should keep her attitude if its authentic – no one is telling a man how to be nice – and I am 99% sure she faked the entire Pattinson affair drama for increased press. I do not care. All I want to do is drag her to my stylist and have her hair washed and blown out. At least for industry events.

But recently I discovered that she HAS done events with good hair, which means she can learn. So I am free to watch Twilight (Team Alice) in peace. Have Good Hair, Kristen. You can do it.





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