Lone Wolf

Ever since Michelle Lesniak’s iconic fall/winter “lone wolf” collection on project runway season 11, my non-work look has been evolving to something much stronger, heavily featuring leggings or straight legged pants, layered tops, cross body bags and boots.
Largely a function of my weekend schedule, which often begins and sometimes ends with yoga, I am always looking for ways to make my practice clothes transition into clothes fit for lunch with my girls, including the uber stylish Desperately Seeking Sparkle , Whole Foods shops, movies, thrift store runs, and other essentials (I’m giving my beloved Saks a break after too many shoes this summer). More to the point, I’m trying to draw an ever sharper distinction between my classic/tailored/suited weekday and my tough, tough warrior girl weekend.



Short of buying the collection (sizes 16-18 and dropping, please Michelle), I’ve been playing with what having a lone wolf style means to me. A huge, huge part of it was definitely cutting my hair. As a long hair girl for the last decade, cutting it off into a layered, slightly off kilter bob was a huge first step. From this:


To this:


Next boots: I love my Ugg Cardi Boots buttoned up to almost my knee:


Or my new Blondo waterproof riding books:


Sweaters and leggings are key – I love lyssee and Zella (both available at nordstom) and pretty much anything athlete makes. For a change, I throw on tights and this athleta skirt with boots and a knit top.


Or I pretend I’m just back from riding and go super long (and dare I say a bit lean) with a thin half zip, leggings and boots.


In fact, a big reason why I started cultivating my lone wolf look was that I discovered I felt stronger, both physically and stylistically in my yoga clothes. While I love the drapey tunic looks a lot of women rock before and after yoga, it wasn’t for me. But give me a half zip and some boots, a great cross-body bag, and I’m off:


Of course, it wouldn’t be me without a strong eye and lip, and I adore this set B got me from YSL for Christmas.


Pair this with my great coat from last year and I am ready for the hunt.

Catch you later!


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