2014 New Hobby – Knit Me a Scarf

In addition to day 2 of my yoga challenge (more tomorrow, way so tired). I started to teach myself to knit. If you expect me to say its super easy, you have the wrong girl, but it is very soothing. Once I figured out how to make a slip knot (45 minutes) and contort my fingers in ways to cast the yarn around the needle (I don’t actually know what that means).

I hit a local knitting shop (we have several near me in St. Louis), asked to basic starting wool and needles, and then hit YouTube and Google. Then I cast some yarn – see below – and knit 4-5 rows.



I’m done for the night, hoping this will become a scarf or something, but feeling more than okay if it ends up a kitchen towel or practice piece. I am pretty addicted right now, in part thanks to The Friday Night Knitting Club, not so great of a book, but total knitting love. I think this means a trip to the Kate Spade outlet or store because I definitely need a knitting tote to haul around my supplies, right? Because I’m pretty sure I’m taking my knitting to the hair dresser and movie tomorrow!


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