2014 Reading Challenge

For seven of the last eight years, I’ve done a reading challenge on Goodreads.com (last year I skipped because I was just too busy with work). In general, my goal has been some version of reading about 100 books a year (including audio). Some years I’ve had categories, some years I’ve had just a general goal, but this year I’m going for 150. I’ve picked 150 for 2 reasons: (1) my friend Elizabeth read 150 last year and I’m super competitive about such things with my brilliant gal pals; (2) I’m reading a ton of yoga books, memoirs, and food books, all of which I read quickly, and (3) because there are too many books I want to read before I die to remain content to just go whilly-nilly. So here’s to 150 books in 2014 and what I’ve read so far.

1. Forty Days of Yoga
2. In Defense of Food
3. Friday Night Knitting Club

I’m reading three books now, so let’s see where we are on Friday!



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