the best way to explain anxiety


I just want people to stop judging or assuming stuff about me and maybe this will help.

things we are trying to do all the time:
*be safe

things we can’t help but do all the time:
*second-guess ourselves
*self sabotage, usually unintentionally
*behave impulsively and reactively
*take everything personally
*blow things out of proportion
*have difficulty accepting compliments
*desire attention while also shying away from it
*have difficulty reciprocating friendly gestures
*have difficulty finding the courage to respond
*worry we’re a burden
*have difficulty not being suspicious of others’ intentions
*make a huge deal out of the smallest thing
*think we’re bothering you

things you should keep in mind:
*we’re scared of everything
*pretty much all of the time
*anxiety is not an excuse-it’s an impairment
*it’s an actual disorder
*don’t take our neurosis personally
*seriously it’s not you it’s us
*it manifests as impulsive behavior

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