Bonfire Heart

It blazes so hard it takes my breath away,
The smallest things
the smell
a touch

A thoughtful comment about how
something I wrote didn’t work
Or maybe that it did
But still, it sings at the
thoughts and action
behind the words

all my words fail me this cold morning,
When I want to lean so heavily on
Elliot or Neruda or
Those letters of Keats that enthrall me
Rather than
face the consequences of
my brain shutting down
Still it blazes

It should be broken
everything else is broken, but mending like
I have preternatural strength
Some vaccine
made in a lab
for me to hold it together

A reminder of oh my darling,

you have been through so much worse

Surely a little love and kindness
self care
dearest friends,
Perhaps a decadent
book shop and a long, hard ride over jumps,
Some Virginia Woolf and Bach in D Major and
you’ll be back,

It blazes like a bonfire
Warming everything that hurts
Soothing everything that feels bruised
Feeding me when I
just cannot manage to do it

I love you, my bonfire heart.


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