Join Me on My 30 Day Journey

I started this blog six and a half years ago, shortly before I began my fitness journey with yoga and riding, as a way to have a life outside of being a lawyer. [First Post] [].

I have come so far. I have friends, hobbies, I’ve lost about a hundred pounds, gained enormous strength and resilience, changed the trajectory of my career, kept my passions of reading, tried dozens of new hobbies, loved some and let others drift away.

But I had a serious health scare this August that made me realize I needed to do more about my nutrition and fitness. And to that, I had to make peace with my body.

So those of you who have read me from the beginning know about my 365 days of selfies to learn to love my face. I began a new journey last year to learn to love my body. And to do that?

I had to listen.

Because my body – my stomach, my brain, my adrenal system, my hormones, my skin – will tell me what it needs.

What it needs is a consistently clean, clean diet. Heavy on plants and protein heavy grains, fish, water, tea. It needs controlled and regular portions. As raw and fresh as possible.

It needs consistent exercise. Yoga, strength building, riding, cardio, weights.

It needs it EVERY DAY.

And I was good about it at home, but bad when I traveled. Then great when I traveled, but bad when I returned home.

And every time I let my routine slip for a day, I could feel it in my body, my brain, and my emotions.

So I had to get passionate and obsessed about my health and nutrition to push me to prioritizing my self-care.


I’m 41 years old.

Both of my parents died before the age of 53.

I feel like in many ways I am just getting started in life, so I need to make this time for myself, my health, my nutrition, my fitness, to achieve the goals and dreams I want for this life. But I cannot do it alone.

I have tried doing it alone and I just let other things become more important than my health. And I cannot give everything I have if I do not take care of myself.

So here I am, beginning a new health journey, one I am so passionate and excited to share. One that I discovered, because I wanted to be strong enough to live to 80, strong enough to push up into a handstand, strong enough to have the endurance for the next 20 years of my career.

This is not about being thin.

I wasted more than a decade of my life on an eating disorder that kept me tiny.

This is about being strong. About building a tribe of people committed to achieving their hopes and dreams and helping others achieve theirs.

I’m going on this journey for thirty days to see how far I can go.

Please join me.

Send me a message or click the instagram link for more information and to DM me.





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